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What Makes a Great Corporate Gift? 💼


Words by Kathleene Capararo  


I recently sat down with CR8s directors, George Kociski and Toni Dimanoski, to understand the factors worth considering when choosing the perfect gift for your customers.



Right off the bat, what makes a great corporate gift?


George: [T]he way it’s packaged and the way you present it. You can have all these great ideas but if it’s not packaged correctly it’s not perceived as a corporate gift. The packaging is a low-cost item but it’s perceived as a high value product.

Toni: Packaging’s important but I think what makes it good is understanding your demographics. So, first and foremost, who are the recipients, and then making sure that the gift given to them is well used, well received.

You might need to group your clients, and say with this group I need to obviously give them something a little more special, and [with another group] I might give them something a little more general. And make sure it ties into your brand.


Should they be something that you keep at your desk or something that you take home with you?


George: It will probably be more useful to be using the gift at work, because that’s where you spend most of your time.

Toni: Desk items … are always good. Because the brand remains in visual focus all the time to the recipient. So, the desk item is always a catchy one. During a general promotional campaign, I can understand doing an office or desk item. Because you want them to keep something at their desk so when they think promotional, [they think] oh CR8, yes.

But when we’re giving a gift to say thank you or when we’re in the festive season, I think it’s nice when something’s a little more personal.


What was the worst corporate gift you’ve ever received?


George: My worst gift I received would be something that’s not useful to me. For example, a power bank that I won’t be able to use because my phone is not compatible with it. [I]t’s very important to understand who your customers are before you make the decision as to what corporate gift to budget for.

Toni: I tend to like to stay away from your gimmicky little toy, battery operated [ones]. Because the longevity of that product is very minimal.



What are trends to avoid?


George: Outdated. Something that’s outdated. Or, should I say, something that’s been done to death.

Toni: I thought that the fidget spinner was a bit of a trend that came in so quickly and exited so quickly. And that moment, some people caught onto it, but by the time they’d placed their order and I’d sent fidget spinners to the customer, the novelty had worn out by then. … So you have to be careful of those fly-in-quickly trends that can also just fly out.

George: [I]t’s not necessarily spending a lot of money on the gift. It depends on the product.

Toni: But if you’re going to spend money on things like technology then you’re better off paying that extra and getting a quality technological product.

George: And that’s where we come in too. We let our customers know that this product might not suit your needs, and probably think about either spending that little bit more, to get a better device, or think about choosing a different product. 


What are your top recommendations?


Toni: I always like your water bottles, your towels, umbrellas. Umbrellas are fantastic in my opinion because they give you so much exposure. And caps. Believe it or not. [They’re] your standard ones but the most effective, in my opinion.

George: What’s trending now, from my experience is pets. That’s going to become the next thing. Pets is a category that’s going to start to grow over the next few months and coming years.



There you have it. CR8’s do’s and don’ts of corporate gift giving. Have you ever received a corporate gift fail? Let us know in the comments!

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