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The Truth About your Daily Coffee ☕


Words by Kathleene Capararo 


Hold onto your flat whites folks, because we’re going to tell you something you already know: those single use cups are no good for the environment, and ultimately for us.


For most of us, our daily cuppa is the secret weapon that gets us through the work day. And with even more chilly weather on the horizon, it’s likely that we’ll be doing extra coffee runs for a good while. Reusable coffee cups are no new phenomenon – you’re probably sipping out of one right now. Still, single use take-away cups are a mainstay of Australia’s coffee culture. But here’s the thing -  most of them can’t be recycled.


Even if you do the right thing and put your nifty cardboard cylinder in the recycling bin, once it comes to be recycled the leftover coffee residue on the inside (or the outside if you’re a bit uncoordinated) means it’s contaminated. And contaminated = unrecyclable. On the bright side, reusable cups are a great "gateway item" for helping us become more conscious about the amount of waste we produce. Use yours enough and it could save you a few bucks too. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite reusable styles below. All of these can be decorated and branded too!


The Oakridge Cup

in soft cork



The Choice Cup

made from rice husk fibre and polypropylene


The Express Cup Claritas

in high quality plastic with a silicone band


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