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Sun Safe Merch 😎


Words by Kathleene Capararo  


For many Australians, Summer means long days playing sport, swimming at the beach or relaxing by the pool. For the last 30 years we’ve been aware of the need to Slip Slop Slap before heading out into the sun. So wearing protective clothing, sunscreen, eyewear and seeking shade are things that many of us are already in the good habit of doing. Despite this, 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they’re 70. Maybe this is because even on cooler and cloudy days, high levels of UV radiation can be dangerous.


The need for sun protection in particular makes it a useful avenue for types of merchandise of all sizes. All have their merits, but the take-away is that season-appropriate merch will always be a winner.




 1. Thongs - J002

 2. Bottle Opener Sunglasses – 109785

 3. Sublimated Bandana - 112890

 4. Straw Hat with Toggle - 3942A 




 5. Insect Repellent - 116908

 6. Lip Balm - 100879

 7. Zinc Stick - 107105

 8. Sunscreen - 104946




 9. Beach Ball - 110504

 10. Striped Beach Towel - T7000

 11. Jute and Canvas Tote Bag - 114992

 12. Beach Umbrella - SP110BGP 


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