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Road Trip Essentials 🗺️


Words by Kathleene Capararo  


Heading out of town over the holiday season? Or maybe off the beaten path? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite products for your big trip. From the quirky to the unbreakable, they’re also great gift ideas.


Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker



There’s lots of different versions of this product out there but the premise in this case is simple. Say you lose your keys in the messy tent- no worries! When you’ve attached your Tile Mate to your keys you can simply track it down via the smartphone app.

Car Seat Organizer for Kids



How does no more toys everywhere sound? Travelling with small children is simplified with this organizer that keeps all their entertainment needs at (kids) arm’s length. 


Universal Car Charger



Last but not least: keep maps, music and charging hands free with this charger. It plugs directly into any 12V outlet and has a pot-hole proof magnet to help your travels go smoothly. The magnet can slots neatly behind your phone case too, in case you don’t like the idea of sticking it to your phone.


That’s our little round-up of our must-haves, what are yours? 

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