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Is this the Future of Merchandise Decoration? 💧


Words by Kathleene Capararo  


For years the decoration solution of choice for many has been screen printing, and in many ways, this makes sense; it’s economical and effective on hundreds, if not thousands of types of products. But is it the most eco-friendly decoration method out there? The answer to this is not necessarily no, however, screen printing often wastes excessive amounts of water and can use potentially harmful inks and cleaners. 

 Screen Printer


The screen-printing industry has been shifting toward a more environmentally approach for some time, but without a thorough knowledge of the processes and products used by your decorator, there is no guarantee that you are getting the ‘greenest’ product possible. Admittedly, it can be the most affordable option - just keep an eye on your set-up costs!


 Sublimated Products


If being more sustainable trumps a tight budget, consider making sublimation printing your new go-to. This method uses water-based dyes, unlike screen printers’ typical Plastisol. These dyes are so eco-friendly that they can simply go down the drain, and importantly, not pollute water sources.

Similarly to screen printing, sublimation can be used on a large range of surfaces, including fabrics, ceramics, metals, timber, metal and leather. For our custom Design Your Own garments, we use a durable 100% polyester fabric which, upon request, is able to be substituted with Recycled Polyester, to create an even more sustainable end product! These fabrics are created from plastic water bottles.


Plastic Bottles


We aim to be transparent and responsible when it comes to helping our customers make the right choice for their needs, while still being environmentally responsible. The great news is that there has never been an easier or more affordable time to make sustainable choices when it comes to merchandise and decoration methods. So why not ask about a more eco-friendly choice when getting your next quote?

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