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Common Merchandise Mistakes 💡


Words by Kathleene Capararo  


Looking into creating new merch? We’ve compiled a handy checklist of the most common merchandise mistakes. Steer clear of these and you’re sure to get amazing results every time!


 1. Leaving it to the Last minute


T-shirts or hoodies? Pens or mugs? Getting the ball rolling early is always your best bet, even if you’re not exactly sure of what the final product will be.


Giving you merchandise supplier more time also means you’ll get the perfect product at a good price. This is because you have time to narrow down your options, and test samples before you commit to purchasing in bulk. With a bit of preparation, you can also dodge pesky additional costs like last-minute couriers.



2. Know your numbers


Having an idea of how much merch you’ll need can also help keep the cost per unit down, but cost is ultimately dependent on your chosen style of merch. For example, custom t-shirts will cost more than plain tees that have been screen printed.

For small and limited runs of a product, e.g. a cap for a one-off event, ask us about products that may no longer be in production, as these are often a good option for the budget-conscious.


3. Have vector versions of your logo


Put simply: ‘a vector graphic is artwork made up of points, lines, and curves that are based upon mathematical equations, rather than a solid colored square pixels.’ This means that no matter how big or small you make your logo, it will retain maximum quality, never becoming blurry or pixelated when it’s put on the product. A version of your logo in ai, eps or svg file formats will make the process of getting your logo merch-ready much more efficient and create an optimal finish. 




 4. Have brand guidelines on hand


If your brands identity has been created by a professional graphic designer, they will have likely have provided you with a pdf document outlining the brands ‘rules’ in depth. Never fear if you don’t have such a pdf though; the most essential pieces of information that will assist your merchandise provider are:

  • At least one vector version of your logo, possibly with black and white variations.
  • Common typefaces (fonts) used by your brand
  • The PMS numbers for your brands Pantone Colours


So those are our top four tips that will help you get the most efficient and high-quality merch possible. But with over ten years’ experience in the industry we know that every project is different, which is why CR8’s service includes everything from vectorizing logos to professionally decorating products in-house. Going above and beyond is what sets us apart from the rest!

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