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Merch for your Furry Friend 🐾

We’ve put together a list of promotional products that would be perfect for pet owners and fur babies alike.

How to set Promotional Goals (that get results!) 💭

In this post we outline how to narrow down your promotional goals and achieve them by selecting the right merchandise for the job. 

What Makes a Great Corporate Gift? 💼

I recently sat down with CR8’s directors, George Kociski and Toni Dimanoski, to understand the factors worth considering when choosing the perfect gift for your customers.

Sun Safe Merch 😎

The need for sun protection in particular makes it a useful avenue for types of merchandise of all sizes.

Common Merchandise Mistakes 💡

We’ve compiled a handy checklist of the most common merchandise mistakes. Steer clear of these and you’re sure to get amazing results every time!

7 Steps to Sponsorship 📋

A guide to gaining sponsorship for your new kit

Road Trip Essentials 🗺️

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite products for your next big trip.


2019 Premium Range Catalogue 📖

View the full catalogue and get the run down of 2019's best sellers.


These Football Kits are so 90s ⚽

Today we're taking a trip down memory lane, looking back at football kits from the 1990s.

Stress balls – Your Main Squeeze? ߷

Should you spend money on promotional stress balls, fidget devices, or indeed any kind of promotional item? The answer to this question is tied to your Promotional Goals and Target Audience.