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Is this the Future of Merchandise Decoration? 💧

For years the decoration solution of choice for many has been screen printing- but is it the most eco-friendly decoration method out there?

What is Design Your Own? 👕

CR8 wanted to put 3D design capabilities in the hands of our customers, to help them get their perfect product. 

Merch for your Furry Friend 🐾

We’ve put together a list of promotional products that would be perfect for pet owners and fur babies alike.

How to set Promotional Goals (that get results!) 💭

In this post we outline how to narrow down your promotional goals and achieve them by selecting the right merchandise for the job. 

What Makes a Great Corporate Gift? 💼

I recently sat down with CR8’s directors, George Kociski and Toni Dimanoski, to understand the factors worth considering when choosing the perfect gift for your customers.

Sun Safe Merch 😎

The need for sun protection in particular makes it a useful avenue for types of merchandise of all sizes.

Common Merchandise Mistakes 💡

We’ve compiled a handy checklist of the most common merchandise mistakes. Steer clear of these and you’re sure to get amazing results every time!

7 Steps to Sponsorship 📋

A guide to gaining sponsorship for your new kit

Road Trip Essentials 🗺️

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite products for your next big trip.


2019 Premium Range Catalogue 📖

View the full catalogue and get the run down of 2019's best sellers.